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The benefits of Massage therapy has been widely documented by many different cultures, and has been used as an aid for total well being for centuries.    Whether to sooth muscles, relax the body, or purely for a luxurious pampering treatment, massage brings a wealth of benefits to the body including the following:

* Total relaxation and stress relief  * Stimulate blood flow around the body * Aid Lymphatic drainage *

* Stimulate muscle and skin tone * Aid the flushing of toxins from the body * Ease tired and aching muscle *

* Aid Sleep * Ease congestions and headaches * Boost general well being * Invigorating and Energising *

Full Body Massage - £30 - Includes back, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, shoulder, face and head

Back Neck and Shoulder -  £20

Back Neck and Shoulders and Backs of legs and feet - £20

Face Neck Shoulders and Arms - £20

Indian Head Massage - £25 - fully clothed shoulder, neck and head massage, great if you are suffering from headaches or tension in your neck and shoulders, or just fancy a pampering treatment

Hot Stone Massage - £30

Foot and Lower Leg Massage - £20 - please ensure your feet are clean and free from infection

I use a range of blended Aromatherapy oils to suit the particular need of the massage:

* Detox - to cleanse, decongest, balance and uplift, with Juniper, Orange, Patchouli and Jojoba

* Relax - to calm, revitalise and harmonise, with Clary sage, frankincense, bergamont and rose

* Energise - to stimulate, revive and re-energise, with bergamont, lavender, eucalyptus and passion flower

* or a neutral Massage oil medium is available